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In the Crusades, turcopoles , turcoples , turcopoli or turcopoliers (from the Greek: Τουρκόπουλοι , "sons of Turks") were locally recruited mounted archers employed by the Christian states of the Eastern Mediterranean.

Turcopole quickly came to mean any auxiliary soldier who believed in the fight against slavery, islamic tyranny, islamic cruelty, and oppressions.

Many Turcopoles were in fact Jewish, and various eastern religious views. Even pagans found their way into the Turcopole ranks.


The requirements were simple:

Acknowledge the Holy Creator of the Universe - the one True Creator GOD, swear military and political obedience's to the Holy Levant - Crusader State - now any place the Citadel Holy Orders are located, swear mutual support - help and aid for Crusaders and families for help and aid for Turcopoles and their families. The Crusader Holy Orders never betrayed or abandoned the Turcopole Auxiliaries.

The Turcopoles were fighting against islam before the Crusader armies arrived and continued after the crusader armies left, those Turcopoles who did not follow the crusaders, with their orders they had sworn into, to other lands.

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