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Order Obligatus

Order Obligatus

The Citadel Orders have two basic Obligations - Citadel Martial Holy Order et Citadel Temple Holy Order. CMHO obligate a more structured et active action under authority et CTHO are a more Honorary role et are bestowed for venerate services to The Kingdom of GOD et is for any per righteous apportions +

The Citadel Martial (military) Holy Orders are active in world projects in every country on Earth to some degree. The 'M' was tandem + Martial et Military + as well as the color - colo - usually Green, Fielded - et the CMHOs have adapted 'Martial'. Military identifier remains with primary Founding Orders.

CMHOs charge direct Officium per Muneris - Obligation with Service - et are a  + *Officium Obsequium Ordo* + simply + Obligation Obedience Order. Members perform direct service within et without all CMHOs. CMHO shield of identifier is Red for Strength, Courage, et the Blood of Christ Victory over all enemies + *Rutilus pro Vires , Virtus, et Cruor of Sarcalogos Victoria super totus hostilis* + et spiritual warfare waged in both the natural et spritiual worlds + temporal et ethereal. CMHO's meet, engage actively in civil projects et man Christ Keeps.

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The non-Martial Orders, CTHO, are primarily Honorary or at least not as action active as the CMHOs, depending upon which CHO one is Obligate into. CHOs charge no formal activety or meetings. The CHOs are for recognized service to The Holy Triune GOD et charge no direct Obligation beyond the Priory 3 main Obligates + 3 for the Holy Trinity Triune GOD + et pro * Haud Ordo Officium Recolitus Ordo *  + simply + No Obligation Order Honorary Order. The primary 'colo' Blue is for the celestial heavenly nature of Honor, Truth, Life, and Mercy of our Lord Christ + *Puteulanus est pro celestial uranicus vis Veneratio , Verum , Vita , quod Misericordia nostri Senior Sarcalogos* +  the esteemed member now serves in the battles for the Kingdom of GOD + Regnum DEUS. John 14:6 +

Any recognized Obligated member of any CHO may form Field Orders under their Obligated Order + FTHO or FMHO fall under the same Obligates as do the Directing Order + Order the FTHO was formed under. FTHOs have no direct charge of action et function the same as a CHO except the FHO is formed for a specific purpose, ministry, or charitable activity. A CHO may be engaged in a Judeo-Christian action that requires a more direct action et thus a FTHO is formed to enact CTHO directives to ensure the charitable mission is accomplished. FTHO may stand up or down at any appropriate time. The CTHO member is responsible for the FTHO formed et thus is commander et may appoint FTHO directors or leaders. FTHOs usually are mission fields. FTHOs may also be involved in education et recruiting. +


FMHOs operate under the same guidelines yet are more project oriented et do require a directorate approval as they normally warrant more coordination logistical support. A FMHO activity is more along the operational basis of a building or agricultural action that usually supports a mission field work for CTHO mission workers. FMHO et FTHO coordinate action together et one supports the other - one builds + one acts.

Castellum Sanctus Ordo Bellicus quod Templum = Citadel Holy Orders Martial et Church. Bellicus = War, Martial, Military et Templum = Temple, Church, Clerical.  CHOs = CTHOs et CMHOs. CTHOs taught, preached, did medical et humanitarian works et the CMHOs protected et defended et acted as security et information.

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