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Lady Knights

Lady Knights also follow the same Traditions & Requirements as do the Sir Knights.

The Rank for Female Knights is as follows:

Dame = Female Lord Rank, in the secular Knight structure it is a 'Knight', in the Holy Orders Dame is Equal to the "Lord" Rank.

Ladyship = Highest Ranking Female Knight = Knight Commander or Leader.

Lady = Female Knight.

It so noted as: Lady 'name'. OR Lady name of St. Order. exp: Lady Mary -or- Lady Mary of St. Anne.

1Citadel 6 A
2Knight 55
Christ TA 2

A male Knights wife is also called 'Lady' but it is followed by name of Sir name - exp: Lady Mary of Sir Joseph.

All of the Same Order & Rules & Regulations Apply to the Female Knight Structure.

The Primary Order over al the female Knights is the Holy Temple Order of Saint Anne = HTOSAn.

A Knight of St. Anne is denoted as: K or L SAn as there are male Knights in the lady Saint Orders.

As with ALL St. Named Orders St. Anne is based on the Attribute of the Saint so named after.

St. Anne is the Mother of the Virgin Mary and so encompasses all the Virtue, Faith, Courage, Dignity, & Integrity therein and so is therefore Appointed the Lead Lady Saint Order over all the St. Orders so named after a Lady Saint. 

Female Knights must pass all the same testing, checking, training, and take the same Holy Oaths et Holy Vows within the CHOs.

Female Knights - Ladys - so noted as not 'ladies' but Ladys = Knights, serve in various Leadership roles as Leaders and Directors of Aid Ministry, Food Banks, Out Reach to Homeless, Retirement Homes & Care Facilities, Schools, Health Care Ministry, Mission Fields, etc.

Many of the male & female medical workers, teachers, instructors, admin workers, etc are Esquires, Esq, instead of Knights or Ladys.

Esquire is a professional rank and denotes an expert skilled person in a position.

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