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What Is Holy Order Knighthood?

Knight ceremony of Investiture. 

 The ceremony is preceded by a series of Solemn Rituals, Prayers, Fasting, beginning with the bath of purification, symbolic of bathing away sin and worldly pleasures. Symbolic of the Baptism of Rising Anew. Then placed in Solace the 'Elect or Candidate' reflects upon Holy Bible Scriptures et Judeo-Christian Values, Ethics, et Virtues before Publically Dedicating their Life to Knightly Service.

The elect then fast for 24 hours, followed by an all-night vigil in which he prays before an altar.

The Sword and or Dagger as well as a Shield and or Helm and any other item so to be used would also be set upon the Holy Altar for Blessings.
In the morning - so as to symbolize a New Dawn, the Elect dressed in his Surcoat or Tabbard as well as any armour and, in the ceremony, received a symbolic blow from his master, who would strike him lightly on the neck or shoulder with the flat of a sword. At the stroke, the master would declare, In the name of God I dub thee Knight.


For the various 'Holy Orders' the dubbing was slightly modified to:

Nomine Patris, Filii, et Spiritus Sancti, = 'in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.' 

As the Holy Order member was now dedicated to The Holy Living Triune GOD - The Holy Trinity - this was done by saying the Blessing while the Sword was tapped on the Right Shoulder, Head, Left Shoulder and then back to head as the folowing was said:

Right Shoulder: In Nomine Patirs

Head: Filii

Left Shoulder: et Spiritus Sancti

Then to Head: Arise Thee *Title et persons name* of Holy Christendom - exp. Rise Thee Sir Person.  


A worthy 'Squire' or other qualified person of good report before The Holy Triune GOD - by own Word*Conduct*Deed - becomes a Rightful Apportioned Vestment Bestowment of the Title and/or Entitlement of the Station or Office they are so Apportioned:

Knight or Esquire or Cleric or Arm rank, by the vestment bestowment of any appropriate bestower of said apportioned titlement and office.

Knighthood, apportioned station, could be conferred also on the battlefield. When a 'Squire'  or other so Worthy person showed unusual Valour on the field his lord could hit him lightly with his sword or the palm of his hand and dub him Knight or appropriate apportioned entitlements.


Knighthood is taken seriously in the Citadel as it is a Great Honour, Duty, Responsibility, Symbol of all Good Virtues, et Example of Judeo-Christian Leadership for the World to reckon with, both Within et Without the Orders.


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