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Jewish Order

Castellum Sanctus Ordo Templum quod Bellicus = Citadel Holy Orders Church and Military

Founded in The Church of The Holy Sepulchre Jerusalem Anno Domini 1099 - Jewish supporters were present et a part of the Orders.

The Holy Orders have 5 Orders that are for our Brothers et Sisters in The Holy GOD Jehovah Yahweh per Holy Bible Scripture.


The 5 Judeo/Jewish Holy Orders are: ALL Faithful Jews/Hebrews/Israelites who read/study, follow, obey, believe, and practice the Holy Scriptures of The Hebrew Bible - Tanakh = Torah, "learning" or "instruction = Five Books of Moses or Pentateuch = Law, Nevi'im = Prophets, and Ketuvim = Writings = Christian Old Testament/Covenant.

Holy Order of St.’s Caleb et Joshua - for Jewish military veterans or any Jewish person who has defended Jewish lives et/or Israel.

Holy Order of St.’s Abraham et Sarah - for any Jew who has served GOD in hardship et shown great faith in trials et led et encouraged others so.

Also for faithful Jews who give of themselves in the service of GOD's creation for the glory of GOD.

Holy Order of St. Esther - for Jewish women who serve GOD et honour HIM before ALL else in the face of threat, risk, et/or harm.

Holy Order of St. Ruth - for any person who has become Jewish et served GOD in hardship et trials et remained faithful to GOD et HIS people.

Holy Order of St.’s Elijah et Elisha - for any Jew who has served GOD in face of extreme harm, threat, attack, danger, et great risk with courage et honour. For Jews who have advanced the Holy Kingdom of GOD et taught HIS Word boldly et without compromise.

ALL of the Holy Orders are for those persons who through Word, Conduct, et Deed have supported, defended, aided, assisted, encouraged, or helped in any way the Holy Kingdom of The Holy GOD here on Earth et have advanced HIS Holy purposes, plans, truths, et Holy ethics before humanity.

The Judeo-Christian Ethic is a direct result of this Holy union before the Living GOD of ALL Creation et Jews et Christians.


The CHOs were founded after the First Crusade freed Jerusalem from Islamic tyranny et slavery. Despite slanted biased history many Jews as well as Christians and even Muslims were freed and lived through the battle for the Holy Lands. Many false histories state that all in Jerusalem were killed by the Crusaders - not true as MOST of the eyewitness histories of the battle were written by Jews who were freed et Jews helped form the CHOs.

History records that many Jews et Syrians served in Crusader armies and acted in the Crusader states and maintained the bulk of them.

Jews served in the areas of every part of Crusader Outremer until it fell in AD 1291 and then many thousands of Jews went to Europe with the Christian Crusader armies and their children survive today. The Christians et Jews held et freed the Holy Lands et then went together into Europe et continued to fight Islam et darkness even onto today. Throughout history the CHOs have worked with et defended Jews et been aided by Jews many times.

The CHO medal has a Star of David with a Cross centered in it at the base/foundation of a Citadel.

The CHOs are under Jerusalem Obedience to show the connection to Israel.

The Jewish Orders are all Honour Orders - require no active actions, fees, dues, meetings, etc. They are for Holy recognition of service given in love, faith, et honour. Membership is for Thanks for Holy services.

Please Note: They have been traditionally secret per Jewish wishes given the persecutions et the internal attacks from worldly 'Jews 'against faithful Jews.

St. = Saint is used because GOD calls ALL HS faithful servants et followers Saints - Holy Persons by the Holy Spirit of GOD.


et = 'and' in Latin. The CHOs use et for and per tradition.

Note: St. Anne - CTHOSAn is the blanket Order that the Judeo Orders are administered by, per tradition, St. Anne covers several Orders.

Although the Orders feed thousands of people a day and care for, et dress, many thousands a year in medicine, dental, etc. we still remain simple.

Note to potential Jewish members of CHOs:

You would also have to Oath et Vow to 3 Holy Judeo Obligations before GOD - no action required since this is a Temple and not Martial Order - and 10 Holy Judeo Codes of Chivalry. All similar to the Christian Oaths et Vows - all based on Holy Scriptures.

Blessings in our Holy JEHOVAH - Shalom


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