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Jerusalem Cross

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Deus Lo Vult = GOD Wills It

Nomine Patris, Filii, et Spiritus Sancti, = 'in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.'

+ Pro Fide + Pro Utilitate Hominum + = For Faithful  +  For Utility Of man

CHO Statement 2

The four arms represent the Four Cardinal Judeo-Christian Virtues:

Prudence, Justice, Fortitude, et Temperance;
while the eight placements - Cross borders et four support crosses, are the signs of the eight Judeo-Christian Beatitudes
 which thou must preserve et instruct.....

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          Spiritual Joy - within The Holy Creator GOD - life dedicated to et controlled by the Holy Spirit of GOD, pray always et in all situations, Praise et Thanks to the Living Holy Triune GOD.

          To Live Without Malice - fight without relish et defend without cruelty, engage without fear by Christ, fight evil.

          To Weep Over Thy Sins - confess, repent, make penance, et repair as I can by Christ, Love GOD always, hate all sins, strive to make the world better in True Charity et Love.

          To Humble Thyself To Those Who Injure Thee - but Defend the weak et helpless, stand firm in Christ always, true courage et brave actions always in virtue et honour.

          To Love Justice - to hate, fight, et oppose all injustices, right wrongs, et expose evil et wickedness as given, be righteous et just in all circumstances.

          To Be Merciful - showing Jehovah GOD to the whole world with True Faith et GODly virtues, destroy evil et free captives et repair lives in love. 

          To Be Sincere et Pure Of Heart - always true before the Holy Creator GOD et the Holy JudeoChristian Church, proclaim Jehovah GOD.

          To Suffer Persecution - but rescue the Innocent, those Christians, Turcopoles, et Faithful Jews who are so abused et preserve life, not self but GOD.


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