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CHO Schools

Survival School

The Citadel Holy Orders teaches a survival school that covers all of the basics to survive any disaster - natural or man-made.

We teach Individuals, Families, Companies, and Groups. We train on how to Prepare, Endure, Recover from, and Communicate prior, during, and after any such disaster. The importance of pre-planning and preparing is the first step in Living through any disaster.

The CHOs take you through every step from pre-disaster to recovery and security.

For centuries Earth has seen multiple horrible wars, terrorism, disasters, ruin, destruction, disease, and suffering.

One cannot simply survive and exist, but survive and live through any such event and recover and rebuild. The basic simple skills we teach are time tested, true, and proven in many world events and the worst possible conditions and shown to work very well.

We teach: climate conditions, water - finding and purification food, traps and snares, fire starting & warmth, sleeping well & safe, signals, walking, tracking, edible plants, dealing with snakes, insects, etc., disease prevention, First Aid & Life Saving basics and advanced tips, clothing, shelters, and basic self-protection, navigation, and more. All design to not just Survive but to Live as well.

The CHOs charges a fee for the class and the fee is less than the other schools and we take all students through class room and Wilderness step by step.

Living History & Instruction Program

The Citadel Holy Orders offer a Living History and Instruction Program for al interested in Middel-Ages or Medieval History.

We bring out actual Swords, Shields, Chain Mail, Armour pieces, etc for instruction and Hands On Displays.

A fee is charged for the time and a large portion of our fees go to our Holy Orders duties.

The Order of Chivalry

The Role et Idea for Knighthood is ages old going back to the first origins of the word - KNIGHT has many historic meanings et social placements.

The Citadel Holy Orders use 'et' or 'quad' for 'and' as they is the Latin terms used for centuries by Holy Knight Orders.

Germany - Ritter, KreuzRitter = Cross Knight or Crusader.

France - Chevalier, where also the word Cheval led to the Knight Code of Chivalry.

Italy - Cavalier

Spain - Caballero

English - Anglo-Saxon origin is Cniht which means 'Household Retainer' became 'Knight'.

By the 12th Century, 1100s AD, Knight became associated with Horse Soldier and Leader.

All of which held the Title, Entitlement, et Rank of 'Sir' or 'Lady or Dame' if female.

When Julius Cesar was fighting in Gaul, ancient France, he so favoured his old Legion in which he had served, the 10th Legi
on Gemini, that they are said to have remarked, Cesar loves us so much, he has made us Knights, Miles Militis or Soldier Knight in Latin, the term Sanctus Militis = Holy Knight, derives from this. So the Knight Ideal has been around a very long time.

Today, in the 21st Century, The Citadel Holy Orders - CHOs still train Knights.

We have 2 identified Orders - the Holy Orders and the Order of Chivalry - OC. Any worthy person may become a Knight in the OC. The CHOs will train et prepare the Knight Candidate through their 'Squire-hood' into Knighthood.

The CHOs charges a reasonable et justifiable cost for this invaluable training. The fee covers the time et instruction we put into the candidate.

A large portion of the fees goes into our programs to help the needy et homeless, as per our Holy Orders require.

The OC Training involves: Survival on the wild lands - day et night, basic weapons such as Sword, Shield, Dagger, Lance, Axe, et basic Hand-to-Hand, - all training gear is provided by CHOs, however the Squire may purchase their own gear and so utilize their personal equipment.

 General terminology of Knighthood et Medieval Warfare, Manners, Common Respect, design et wear of the surcoat, modern basic rifle uses, First Aid et Life Saving, et basic medieval history. Upon completion, at the candidates pace, they are Dubbed Knights of the Order of Chivalry et receive their Writ of Knighthood. The CHOs takes this special real et historic training very seriously et with Honour et Integrity.

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