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Citadel Holy Orders - CHOs, has also been called conversely over time The Knights of Antioch or Citadel Knights of Antioch - CKA. 

When the first talks of a Crusade to reclaim the Holy Levant = Holy Land. Levant means, 'where the sun rises', or also so called Outremer = Franc for 'Overseas' were started it was in the early 1090s in Europe.

Outremer and Holy Levant both came to mean = Crusader States.

The Citadel Orders date back to the 1090's and early 1100's in the Outremer Crusader States of the Holy Lands. The conclusion of the 1st Crusade in 1099 AD saw 400 years of vicious, cruel, oppressive, enslavement, and tyranny rule of Islam's Jihad finally stopped and even reversed and set back in some geographic regions. Islam had dominated all of the Middle East, most of Africa, and much of Europe in slavery for over 400 years. The Crusades finally changed that with freedom and liberation with the Judeo-Christian values. Once the Crusader states were formed the Holy Orders who had fought for the righteous causes of freedom formed the Citadel Holy Orders to maintain and defend Judeo-Christian virtues, values, et peoples.


By that time the 'Islamic/Muslim' conquest expansions had taken all of North Africa, ALL of the Middle East - the Levant, most of all of East Europe, Spain, Portugal, Russia and spread into Asia. 

The 'Islamic' conquest called by Mohammad and ordained by the Qur'an had enslaved or slaughtered much of Europe and firmly held captive the Holy Lands and Jerusalem.

The First Crusade was an almost 500 year delayed response to the massive, aggressive, Islamic conquest of the world around the Holy Land to include large parts of Europe, with El Cid in Espana - Spain, being a very early example of Crusade. As a direct result of the First Crusade the 'Islamic conquest' of Europe was reversed and much of Europe was free of the horrors and terrors of Islam which were directed by basic simple instruction of the Qur'an.

The various Monk Orders of Europe, the 'Warrior Monks of Holy Christendom' were in regional Monasteries and Cloistered Citadels and were in fact highly trained warriors as well as doctors, lawyers, and clergy. The most educated and cross trained people of the day.

It was an obvious choice to have these various Monk Conrois muster and lead as Holy examples the armies of the First Crusade. As they liberated lands enslaved by Islam the Crusader armies grew until they were able to liberate such iconic cities and regions such as: Antioch - the place where the term 'Christian; was first used by the first Jewish Christians, and other areas like Turbessel, Edessa, others, and then Jerusalem.

Conrois was Franc for Unit and came to represent the various troop units of the Knight combat teams afield.

A Conrois was anywhere from 30-80 Troops with only some being Knights, the others being 'Arms' or Soldiers.

The locals who joined the Crusaders to rid themselves of the chains of 'Islamic Evangelism Slavery' were the 'Turcopoles' - Greek origin meaning 'Turkish People of the City'. The Turcopoles made up a larger portion of the Crusader Armies then did the various Holy Orders and remain in the CHOs to this day.

The Turcopoles were non-Jews and non-Christians that wanted to be free of the 'Islamic Dhimitude' or the tax to remain a non-slave or even alive. Dhimitude was and is a tax forced on those in Islamic conquered regions to not be victims of Islam. One pays and one is not enslaved or slaughtered. The Judeo-Christian ethic & Value system has no such thing.

After the treaties and contracts of AD 1099 were executed in the church of the Holy Sepulchre the CHOs were formalized. Those Knights remaining in the Holy Levant built and maintained 'Holy Citadels' to guard and protect Jews and Christians, while others returned to Europe to 'Holy Citadels'.

The number of various 'Orders' serving in the First Crusade and subsequent Crusades in not only the Holy Levant, but also Europe and North Africa is unclear. It is clear that there were many Orders under various Saint names, St. John, St. Lazarus, St. Mark, etc. as well as the Templars - which formed several other Templar branches which became Templar Orders and the Teutonics which did likewise. This created over time many Orders and many histories of branch Orders.

Over the centuries the CHOs/CKAs have been involved in European society on many levels including fighting for Judeo-Christian Liberty, Freedom, and Safety & Protection. The CHOs/CKA remain today to serve in Judeo-Christian Charity, Ethics, Services, and to Educate on such values.

Citadel Holy Orders are still viable today et in Obedience to the Orders of Jerusalem 1099 AD before the living Holy Triune GOD et the Holy Angels of HIS service et the living Saints of Christ. CTHO's et CMHO's are active et Fidelis.

The ancient struggle which started in Eden et has reared its evil heads for 1000's of years continues today in flesh, hearts, et minds et the Holy Orders still engage the ancient foes from Keep et Field. This defeated foe slithered from Golgotha to the battle fields of ruin et engages GOD's own still.



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