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The Citadel Holy Orders are very active in the world today in the assistance of Christians et Jews as we have been since 1099 AD when the Holy Lands were reclaimed et liberated. We have served on every battlefield et in every conflict in one capacity or more since 1099 AD. We have provided direct armed combatants or medical, mercy, clerical, intelligence, logistical, communications, veterinary, sanitation, evacuation of sick* distressed* wounded* or deceased persons, judicial, or support activities. We have helped et defended human freedoms, fought slavery et exploitations, rescued many, feed et clothed countless souls +



Today the CTHOs et CMHOs are directly involved in over 100 Christian Faith missions et over 30 Judeo-Christian projects to support Christians et Jews find freedom from persecution et death. Holy Orders support many righteous acts, activities, et ministries + worldwide Christian et Judeo-Christian workers +

CTHO members serve in a multitude of rolls et functions to advance the Kingdom of GOD on Earth for all humanity to know et experience the truth of the Holy Word of GOD + *Sanctus Vox DEUS* + et so have deliverance et release from bondage to the evil constructs of the enemy of human souls - the devil et his vassals -pro Vincit Omnia Veritas - Truth Conquers All et Truth is only from GOD.  The Holy Truth prevails in all human activities.

The Holy Orders stand ready et resolute et dedicated to furthering the Kingdom of GOD + Regnum DEUS + against all evil et wicked foes of GOD et HIS divine creation by the help of Christ et HIS Holy Angels et the rightful living saints of GOD + HIS elect redeemed servants + All to our King Jesus Christ Glory +

+Obedient and Faithful to GOD unto eternal glory with Christ our Lord and King - AMEN!+Obedienter quod Fidelis ut DEUS  eternus palma per Sarcalogos nostrum Senior quod Rex Regis AMEN! + We follow the Jerusalem Obedience per 1099AD et Holy Oaths et Vows there pertaining to + all CTHOs et CMHOs are Obligates therein before The Holy Triune GOD + AMEN+ Jerusalem Obedience is the 3 priory obligates of all Citadel Holy Orders. May Jehovah GOD save HIS Holy Church et Israel + AMEN!

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